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Dr. Earth’s Story

Dr. Earth’s Story

Milo Shammas began his journey of building soil health and plant growth while aboard a fishing boat. Joining his father for early morning fishing trips was a rite of passage that soon became a passion—and destiny to fulfill.

Young Milo watched the caught fish get filleted by deckhands, ready to make a perfect dinner for the fishermen. But Milo was caught off guard by the organic fish scraps being thrown back into the ocean. It reminded him of the Thanksgiving tale he had learned in history class, in which American Indians taught the newly-arrived Pilgrims how to cultivate the land. The Indians didn’t waste anything—they buried carcasses of the fish they’d caught and prepared in each cornfield because they understood the power of fishes’ fertility support growing the best crops, in addition to “giving back” to the land. So, Milo followed suit and brought fish scraps home: the entrails, heads, even skin—everything that was being discarded—with the intention of mixing it all into the soil of his family’s garden. That season, at just seven years old, he cultivated that garden with his mother, and the Shammas family enjoyed the most fruitful harvest in years.

The Sustainable Life

The Sustainable Life

Milo Shammas healthy garden

Healthy and Beautiful Gardens

To succeed at gardening, you must understand your natural surroundings. Learn the usual dates of the first hard frost and the springtime thaw in your area. What you can plant and harvest depends on when your specific planting and growing season begins and ends and how long it lasts. Also, you must know where the sun rises and sets in relation to your planting beds. For example, you need to know how many hours of direct sunlight your plants can receive and where the shadows, if any, fall in the afternoon.

Next, you must attune yourself to the annual and seasonal weather patterns in your area. Gardeners love a comprehensive weather report (rain, wind, high and low pressure and temperature extremes) because it helps them plan their activities. Note when seeds germinate and when insects (and which ones) begin to appear. Invest in good quality soil and air thermometers to give yourself an edge in living with the elements.



In line with his moniker, Dr. Earth has not only desired to produce a line of products for health-conscious individuals, he also seeks to make lasting changes for future generations. Milo Shammas has exhibited an ongoing concern with industry practices that are not only archaic but also harmful, unsustainable, and wide-spread.

Although self-growing gives the consumer the biggest capacity of control, its not realistic for everyone to become a gardener due to time, space, and location constraints. However, anyone interested in maximizing their health, well-being, and longevity should be concerned as to where their food comes from and how it is grown.



An Essential Connection and Exploration of How Soil Health, Plant Health and Animal Health Influences Human Health.

You want to live a long and healthy life, and so do I. That’s why I spent over a decade writing this book. While building one of the fastest growing organic companies in America, I discovered practical information working with gardeners daily. I have an extreme passion for living a healthy, organic lifestyle. Read Healthy Garden, Healthy You to learn the essentials of how human health starts in the soil. Soil to plant, plant to animal, animal to human – I take you through a story-telling journey and provide a guide for the 100 most common plants that can be grown and bought throughout America.

The Best Doctor is the one you never see…

We all want to live a long and healthy life. The garden can be a source of
additional nutrition simply by growing vegetables, herbs, and fruits. We might
be able to grow a handful of organic crops at home, but we can buy hundreds of different varieties across our nation.

Living organically is simple and doesn’t require much effort if you know how to
do it. Understanding what and when you should buy from the market is critical in our daily choices and can leave a positive impact in our lives.

Book Milo

Book Milo

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